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MakeWaves manages the careers of a select few world-class speakers who optimise the performance of a company's people, culture and brand

MakeWaves operates as a high-level management service for professional speakers, representing and promoting a wide variety of key-note speakers and external experts who add massive value to any conference, awards ceremony, leadership forum or other event.

With a wide range of relevant industry and topical expertise, proven skillful delivery and a huge focus on contributions which are tailored and relevant to your specific desired results, we are sure that one of our speakers will be the perfect choice.


At MakeWaves, we are passionate about helping people develop the skills and techniques they need to deliver presentations and pitches with dynamism and conviction.

Public speaking is a skill which is all too often overlooked and under-developed in the business world. We believe we can help anyone to pitch and present with far greater power and persuasion which then leads to improved results all round.


Our managed talent is focused on helping senior management to identify, nurture and get results from their people. They work with senior teams to create a clear 'thought' agenda and then provide the right solution to maximise performance.

At the heart of our business we manage a core of highly talented individuals who are subject-matter specialists in their dedicated fields, superb speakers and gifted trainers and coaches.